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There is nothing more valuable than you and your loved ones health and happiness.
The unexpected risk of illness can happen at any time and although we cannot defy the odds we can help reduce the risk by choosing an insurance plan that is made for you, giving you and your family the health security they deserve.
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Please click Table of Inpatient Benefit to find out what type of benefit and limit of indemnity that you can get from various plans that we offer.

50 % Premium Discount for 2nd children and below

If you want to have health insurance protection for your family, we give 50% discount premium for your 2nd children and below.

The premiums is calculated based on below table according to age at next birthday from each family member.

Family Member Premium
Father As premium table
Mother As premium table
1st child As premium table As premium table
2nd child and below 50% of premium table
Table of Premium
Please click Table of Premium to find out the premium details
  • Pre-existing condition, Congenital conditions, Professional sports and AIDS
  • Routine Medical Check Up, suicide, self-injuries
  • Drug addiction, alcoholism, cosmetic and plastic surgery (related to cosmetics)
  • Excluded country i.e. USA, Canada & Japan
  • Other Exclusions that mention in SmartCare Executive Policy
No Need Cash
You will no need cash for your inpatient treatment. Just shows AXA SmartCare Executive membership card to hospital administration officer when you do registration.

The above condition is subject to:

  • You are in AXA hospital networks providers
  • The coverage within your benefit plan that you have selected
  • Your benefit limit is still adequate


24-hours Assistance

You can contact our hotline service number below to arrange your hospitalisation into our hospital providers.

  • Direct line is 2355 0288 for Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi and Depok.
  • Toll free line is 0800 1402 919 for other than above area.
  • Those who live legally settled in Indonesia.
  • Age requirements (age calculation using next birthday age).
  1. Children age is from 15 days to 17 years old
  2. Adult age is from 18 to 65 years old
  • Copy of ID Card / Driving License / Passport / Family Card must be included in the application form
  • Policy can be extended up to age 70 years subject to attaching a statement of health and written consent of AXA (please contact AXA to make sure the type of health statement required)
  • For a family policy, participating children must be accompanying with at least one of the parents as Insured.

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